New Zealand’s most beautiful cities

New Zealand not only possesses an impressive natural beauty, it also possesses spectacular cities that have nothing to envy to the most cosmopolitan of the European or North American continent. It has among its cities one that has been included in the top 5 of cities with the best quality of life in the world and in its metropolitan areas there is a multicultural atmosphere that makes newcomers feel at home.

This remote country of Oceania in recent years has become the holiday destination of millions of visitors and this is largely because their cities can find everything you need to live an unforgettable experience. That is why this time we have prepared an article where we show you which are the most beautiful cities of New Zealand.


At the top of our list is the nation’s capital. Wellington is located in the North Island of the New Zealand territory, in the extreme southwest of the same one. It is a city that seduces by the beauty of its landscape, enriched by the contrast between its natural harbor, the surrounding hills and its large metropolitan area.

Internationally recognized for its strong commitment to culture, it dedicates diverse spaces to promote the art born in New Zealand and the traditions that identify them.

Although it is a modern city, where tall and “glazed” buildings reign, the tours through it guarantee total fun and that at every step you can find museums, art galleries, super-sophisticated shops, bars or restaurants where you can taste the flavor of their traditional dishes.

If you decide to visit it you will not have time to get bored since you will have at your disposal an endless number of activities to overflow your agenda. Among the most popular with tourists are: visits to Oriental Bay beach, tours aboard the Cable car, excursions to Mount Victoria and tours of the film studios ¨The Lord of the Rings¨ and ¨The Hobbit¨.

As an interesting fact, Wellington is whipped by strong winds and that has earned it the nickname of Windy Wellington.


Another city not to be missed in this article is Auckland. It is the financial hub of New Zealand and one of the cities with the best quality of life in the world.

Auckland is as visited or more than Wellington by tourists eager to know the New Zealand territory and enjoy all its benefits. It is located, like the country’s capital, on the North Island and is the largest and most populous city in this nation.

In this case it is a beautiful city, privileged to be surrounded by a fascinating natural environment made up of paradisiacal beaches, lush forests, islands and volcanic areas. Its metropolitan area, known as ¨Gran Auckland¨, is not far behind in terms of beauty, since its enormous buildings of modern architecture in contrast with its emblematic monuments offer a spectacle worthy of admiration.

It is very common, when talking about everything that can be done in Auckland, that most of the recommendations are excursions to enjoy its natural surroundings. However, the activities that can be carried out inside the city are always left as a second option, without taking into account that they can be very entertaining and exciting. In ¨Gran Auckland¨ you can visit several centers that offer an approach to the culture and traditions of the inhabitants of New Zealand like museums where wide collections of great patrimonial value are kept, excellent restaurants where to taste traditional plates of the New Zealand kitchen as well as of international food, galleries where to enjoy the local art among many others. If you like strong emotions and adrenaline you can practice ¨Skyjump¨ from the Sky Tower, the tallest building in New Zealand. It consists of a 192 metre high jump from one of the tower’s observation points. Numerous bars and pubs throughout the city bring Auckland’s nights to life and are the perfect complement to ending the day in style.


Another New Zealand city that stands out for its beauty is, without a doubt, Queenstown. This beautiful metropolis is located to the southwest of the South Island of the country and its beauty is given, to a great extent, by the natural environment that surrounds it.

Located on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown is home to one of the most impressive landscapes you can see in this country, perfectly combining mountains of snowy peaks with the calm image of the lake that dominates its panoramic view.

Although it is not a city with much history, it is internationally known as ¨the world capital of adventure¨ and this is due to the great amount of sports of this type that can be practiced from its location.

In addition to all the options that exist to delve into its nature, in Queenstown there is also space for entertainment in its metropolitan areas. There are numerous restaurants, boutique shops, spa treatment rooms, art galleries, beautiful beaches, etc. It is a city that has nothing to envy other more famous and cosmopolitan, although it is not as big as Auckland and Wellington.