New Zealand’s most beautiful cities

New Zealand not only possesses an impressive natural beauty, it also possesses spectacular cities that have nothing to envy to the most cosmopolitan of the European or North American continent. It has among its cities one that has been included in the top 5 of cities with the best quality of life in the world … Read more

Curiosities about New Zealand

Curiosities about New Zealand

New Zealand is a country whose first inhabitants are known to have appeared in the year 1200 AD. Still, it has deep-rooted traditions, inherited from its first Maori settlers and European colonists who settled in its territory. This mixture has led to the nation being known today as a multicultural territory, where newcomers are pleasantly … Read more

Unforgettable stops in Wellington

Unforgettable stops in Wellington

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, is located in the extreme southwest of the North Island of this country. As part of the most important New Zealand cities, it is one of the central axes of trade and the national economy, and is also a reference point for the artistic and cultural movement of this … Read more

How Does The New Zealand Tourist Visa Work?

New Zealand Tourist Visa

There are many different types of visa that allow international travellers to enjoy New Zealand as per their intended purpose. While some people may want to spend a month road tripping with the family, others may wish to enrol in a long-term training program, seek employment, or relocate to Aotearoa altogether. Regardless of the duration … Read more

5 Best Places To Visit In New Zealand

Best Places To Visit In New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that needs no introduction – its landscapes have at some point or another been ingrained into our minds either through films such as The Lord of The Rings trilogy and The Chronicles of Narnia or mere in our dreaming. But for those who plan to visit such a faraway land … Read more